SourceFreedom has had the same look and feel for 9 years, and we have thrown out the pattern so we can improve on it.

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The Wall of Death – End Of Life products listed to make a security auditor’s life easier. We collected and continue to collect product life-cycle information from around the web for you. There is a plan to make a premium version of this service where we go deep into the various companies and find the inside secrets of their planned EOL for various products.  This information is usually only available to people who are licensing the products. A security assessor is often unable to get the details on obsolescence for products owned by the subject of an assessment.

Reviews of open-source products – You need to know the about the open-source products you are considering introducing into your environment.

How you can help:
Comment on this page with the products you want info on. Give as much detail as you can to make our research staff’s job easier.

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