Ad-Positioner Update

I have started a version of the Ad-Positioner script that uses easygui because it is entertaining and I can check code locally.

We have a new mascot for the project: Rockie the Flying Squirrel Cat

Rocket J Squirrel Cat
Rockie, Our New Mascot

There are currently 2 flavours of Ad-positioner in process.

  • ad-positioner_0.3.0 is available here, until we use so much bandwidth that my webhost complains, at which point we have to figure out how to put it up on sourceforge. 0.3.0 uses EasyGUI
  • ad-positioner_0.2.0 is available here. 0.2.0 is command-line python.

This is not as unsafe as you might imagine, because I have got index pages in all these directories.  For instance: shows that index page.

Here is a view of the first dialog of the script.  Click on it to see a full-sized version.

First screen of ad-positioner

The current py-script opens a cute set of dialogs, but it doesn’t do a whole lot yet… current-flow is a pdf to show you what is planned.

Exit Dialog for Rockie's Ad-PositionerMore info soon..

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