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Are You Looking for a Cloud Server?

keyboard-1 has a very reasonably pricing structure and is easy to use. You can get a small server instance, with 1/2GB RAM and 1 CPU for about $5 per month.  This is a great price for developers who use a test server a couple of hours a month.  They have larger instances for larger requirements, up to 20 CPUs and 64GB RAM. Your server could be in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, or Amsterdam.  You can also refer your friends and colleagues, as I am doing here, so your usage could be subsidized at least in part.  Check it out:  I am using it for testing code and security.

Nagios: Monitor Remote Disk Free Space

I was working with Nagios-3.3.1, which I love because it shows me everything I want to know and is easier than Zabbix to set up.

Yes, I had to write a shell script to make the config file-generation faster and less troublesome, but after I got that part done, I really started to see a great system.  Nagios sends emails to me when it has an issue, like being unable to access a given server for a test or if the web server is down.  All of this went up in a relatively simple way.  Not as easy as Pandora FMS but still pretty simple, if you consider command-line configuration files simple to edit. Read more