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Tuning Postgresql-9.0 with pgtune

Presuming you have PostgreSQL-9.0 installed, you are probably running the default configuration. The default configuration is designed to work with a variety of hardware, and is tuned for the weakest possible machine within its hardware profile. The official documentation doesn’t spell out the minimum requirement for the operating systems we use at LTS-Lyrasis, except to say:

  • Special Cygwin instructions may allow you to run versions of Windows older than Windows 20001.
  • On Linux, such as Ubuntu, there are some minimum software version numbers and minimum hard drive sizes
  • The minimum required version is Python 2.2. This came out in December 21, 20012
  • You will need about 100 MB for the source tree during compilation and about 20 MB for the installation directory. An empty database cluster takes about 35 MB; databases take about five times the amount of space that a flat text file with the same data would take. If you are going to run the regression tests you will temporarily need up to an extra 150 MB.3

Pgtune will help you set up PostgreSQL 9.0 to work well with your current hardware.
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Updating to Postgresql-9.0 from Postgresql-8.4

Upgrading PostgreSQL-8.4 to PostgreSQL-9.0 on Ubuntu 10.04

Wolf Halton 8/17/2011

This is something I was working on, on our Ubuntu 10.4LTS servers.  Since I had several to do, I thought it would be fun to add it to the Evergreen-ILS wiki and also to put it here with a little more detail.  The project wikis are likely to be places where the readers are more used to working with the project.  This is less a place for the experienced and more for those who are thinking about doing something with Evergreen-ILS.  Since there is a lot from the wiki page, from before I started updating it, I am including that page link here.
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Installing PostgreSQL 8.4 on Ubuntu 11.04

I am working on getting evergreen-ils running on a test server for later use.

The Evergreen Project develops an open source ILS (integrated library system) used by approximately 800 libraries.  The software, also called Evergreen, is used by libraries to provide their public catalog interface as well as to manage back-of-house operations such as circulation (checkouts and checkins), acquisition of library materials, and (particularly in the case of Evergreen) sharing resources among groups of libraries. Read more