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Slot Machine Program

I have put up a simple slot-machine program.  It rolls the wheels (in a textual fashion) and prints out as many spins as you have coins.  The current to-do list is

  1. having a way to announce a winner in the event that somebody actually gets three of a kind. 
  2. making some graphical effect in the CLI world.

Atlanta Linux Installfest

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 9am to 5pm:

ALE / Ubuntu Linux Install Fest

featuring Ubuntu release 9.10

Hosted by ITT Technical Institute, Atlanta Campus at:

Two Crown Center
1745 Phoenix Boulevard
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30349

770-909-4606 for help with directions

( Note to please use the North end building entrance, and follow the signs to Lab 1. )

  • Free Ubuntu Discs Free Expert Help
  • Installing and
  • Configuring Ubuntu Linux
    on your own machine.
  • WiFi Available
  • Dutch Treat Pizza
    for Lunch!
  • Swag and Raffle gifts!
  • Techs@Heart will be on hand!
  • And More!!!

This event is open to the public!