EOL Operating Systems, etc.

AKA “The Wall of Death”
This page is for the benefit of Systems Administrators and PCI compliance engineers who need to know the date their organization’s operating systems, applications and network appliances are or will be out of manufacturer or vendor support.  This is public knowledge, but usually is spread across 50 web sites.  We are gathering it all here to save you some time. 

This is not designed to be an exhaustive list of all obsolete computing software and machinery ever developed. It is only the obsolete and soon to be obsolete software and devices that may still be in the data centers and networks of working systems administrators. This is a planning tool. You can in most cases assume that if OS Version 5.x is shown as End of Life in 2010, then version 4.x is also obsolete. If you are still running version 2.x, you haven’t passed a PCI-DSS ROC in years.

DISCLAIMER: This information may not match exactly what your vendor site says, even though we get it from the vendor sites for the most part.  Things can change without notice.  Do not use this as a canonical list of truth.  If you are making a legal case, you may use this as a starting place.


Generally, this list will be broken into Manufacturer, so look to child pages to get the whole story.

EOL Products (Operating Systems, Applications and Devices)


Cisco Products – Networking devices, Routers, Switches, iOS and more

Dell Products – Networking Devices, Switches and more

IBM Products – Servers, operating systems and applications

Linux Kernels – The Linux OS is used on Hundreds of Distros and embedded systems

Microsoft Products – Windows and more! 

Novell Products –Groupwise and Netware!

Oracle Products – Java, Solaris and more!

Red Hat Products – RHEL and other software of interest!

VMWare Products – ESX and ESXi particularly!



Adtran Products – No Data!

EOL Standards and Protocols

SNMP – EOL Versions

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