EOL Linux Kernels

The Linux Wall of Death

This is specifically the list of the obsolete or soon to be obsolete Linux Kernels.  This is not the Linux Distro Wall of Death. Distributions will get their own pages. There are situations where manufacturers, such as Checkpoint, are using obsolete versions of Linux that use obsolete kernel versions but which can pass a PCI audit because the manufacturer states that they are supporting this obsolete kernel.  Much of the detail from this list came from Wikipedia, with the possibilities of error that goes along with Wikipedia.
If you look at the table below carefully, you will notice that the newer of the 2.6.x kernels listed went EOL earlier than the older. This happens because Linux kernels have single maintainers after a period of dramatic development, early in their lifespans.

DISCLAIMER: This information may not match exactly what your vendor site says, even though we get it from the vendor sites for the most part.  Things can change without notice.  Do not use this as a canonical list of truth.  If you are making a legal case, you may use this as a starting place.

The Wall of Death    
OS or Application End Of Standard Support End of Extended support (EOL)
Linux Kernel 12/2011
Linux Kernel 2.6.32 6/1/2014
Linux Kernel 2.6.34   6/1/2013
2.6.35 3/2012
2.6.39 8/2011
3.0.101 10/2013
3.1.10 1/2012
3.2.52 3/2016
3.3.8 6/2012
3.4.68 10/2014
3.5.7 10/2012
3.6.11 12/2012
3.7.10 3/2013
3.8.13 5/2013
3.9.11 7/2013
3.10.18 9/2015
3.11.7 Stable
3.12.0 Latest stable