EOL WebSense Products

The WebSense Wall of Death

DISCLAIMER: This information may not match exactly what your vendor site says, even though we get it from the vendor sites for the most part. Things can change without notice. Do not use this as a canonical list of truth. If you are making a legal case, you may use this as a starting place.

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Definitions of Terms

  • G1 – First Generation
  • G2 – Second Generation
  • G3 – Third Generation
  • R2 – Second Release
  • EOS: End of Sale – The last date the appliance model may be purchased through distribution.
  • LSR: Last Supported Release – The last software version that will be supported on a specific appliance model
  • EOM: End of Maintenance – Last date defects will be addressed in the software. Customers can continue to run the LSR and receive support through EOL.
  • EOL: End of Life – Last Date support is available for a given product. Generally, 5 years after EOS. (Exception: V10KG1 with EOL of October  2014)
Appliance Model General Availability (GA) Date
End Of Sale (EOS) Date Last Date to Purchase Extended HW Warranty Last Supported Software Release (LSR) End of Maintenance (EOM) 3 Years After EOS on LSR Hardware End of Life (EOL) 5 Years After EOS Hardware Migration Path
V10000 G1 April 2009 October 2009 October 2013 7.7.3 October 2013 October 2014 V10000 G2 R2
V10000 G3
V10000 G2 October 2009 August 2011 August 2014 TBD August 2014 August 2016 V10000 G2 R2
V10000 G3
V10000 G2 R2 August 2011 April 2013 April 2017 TBD April 2016 April 2018 V10000 G3
V10000 G3 February 2013 TBD TBD TBD EOS + 3 years EOS + 5 years TBD
V5000 G2 April 2010 February 2012 February 2016 TBD February 2015 February 2017 V5000 G2 R2
V5000 G2 R2 February 2012 TBD TBD TBD EOS + 3 years EOS + 5 years TBD
X10G February 2012 TBD TBD TBD EOS + 3 years EOS + 5 years TBD