I am in the process of registering our first open-source project on This project is a platform-agnostic ad positioning tool, to help you get the most possible bang for your advertising budget. The project is a great enhancement over a similar closed-source Windows-only product being sold right now. is the provisional link for the page.  Ad-positioner is a web-based python-coded tool that can really help you position google ads.  You want to have the best placements rather than the most placements, because a targeted client viewing your ad is many times more valuable than a thousand random people viewing your ad.  This tool,  along with the knowledge of how to place ads in a very special way, lets you get displays for 3 to 10 cents a view on high-traffic sites for your specific key-words.

The project is currently in the planning stages, and I am specifically looking for python and django  programmers to get involved. If that is you, then either comment this post (with the word “private” at the top) or contact me through the SourceForge link