Learn Metasploit!

The new Expert Metasploit Penetration Testing shows you how to use 8 general categories of Metasploit from scanning on the command line using the Metasploit database to store your scans, to using the Armitage web front-end.  You need this tutorial if you are a network admin and are expected to keep up with security on the network, or if you are a penetration tester helping to keep cyberspace safer.

Web Front-end for the metasploit tutorialThe Expert Metasploit Penetration Testing Tutorial is ery straightforward and understandable.  There were a couple of things that gave me trouble.  I run Ubuntu Studio Linux on the desktop and the webpage front-end didn’t work very well for me.  The videos played alright through my video application.  The other thing I had an issue with was that the base OS in the videos was BackTrack.  I use the newer Kali Linux as an OS base.  I have Kali installed on an older laptop for pen-testing engagements.

Nmap running under Metasploit

If you are better suited to video learning, this is a good addition to your video library.  If you are better suited to reading, take a look at “Learning Metasploit Exploitation
and Development” by Aditya Balapure (2013) or “Mastering Metasploit” by Nipun Jaswal (2014) – both are available from Packt Publishing.