Overview of Project

The above link is a PDF, outlining in a flow-chart-like thing, the general idea as it stands.

  1. Find Keyword Suggestions – or just let the user come up with something.
    Commercial intent or Informational intent?
  2. Find sites that come up in searches of these keywords
    get top [user insert number] pages from Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL where else
    check those sites for whether they carry google ads on any of their pages
    We are currently just using xgoogle to search
  3. Make a list of all the sites discovered in the search & filter operation, that the user can save to a file.

To Do List

  1. Web front-end Development (on project and on sourceforge project page)
  2. Working forms for collection of info
  3. Templating to make it pretty for different users
  4. Accessibility for handicapped users Needs help, but it sorta works.. sorta works.

Current source-code is broken in 2 main paths.

  • ad-positioner_0.3.0 is available here, until we use so much bandwidth that my webhost complains, at which point we have to figure out how to put it up on sourceforge.  0.3.0 uses EasyGUI    (last update  2009-12-24-01-40)
  • ad-positioner_0.2.0 is available here.  0.2.0 is command-line python.        (last update 2009-12-23-01-09)

0.3.0 does not supercede 0.2.0, at least not just yet.  They are growing up together as siblings.

Roles to be Filled

  • Web Developers – Django experience helpful
  • Python Developers
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Video How-to Developers

Contributers (alphabetically)

Mel Cadet

Wolf Halton (Member)

Dirksen Liu

Demario Mitchell

How to Contribute

Financial Donations Gratefully Accepted. This link leads you to the Ad-Positioner pages at