GetBack Library Backup System

GetBack Backup System

Produced for Lyrasis Technology Services

M. Wolf Halton

The GetBack backup system is designed specifically for use by libraries for ILS and Repository backup and recovery.  The requirements were to make a system that was semi-automatic; could be run both from the command line and as a scheduled task.  The system had to be simple to implement and simple to use. The output files had to be readable by other applications without any export function. The first prototype was developed in 2011 for a very fragile system that could not be updated and upon which no new software could be installed.  This documentation is related to Version 0.5. GetBack makes a compressed backup of files required for rebuilding critical applications. This system is for backing up Linux servers.  It has been tested on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. The design of this application presumes basic Linux administrative skills and understanding of the command line for basic file manipulation. This documentation also assumes that you use a Linux desktop or a simple ssh client* as your usual window into your network. No Microsoft Windows or DOS Commands will be used.

* The opensource PuTTY client would work from your Windows desktop, and the Terminal App in Mac OSX also would work.

The software is on the GitHub repository

To get a copy of the master branch,open a terminal emulator and type

$ git clone