Adding a Server to GetBack System

For the sake of illustration, we will assume that FreeNAS is already set up and we can access the web-front-end from a web browser on the network. Our policy is to make the backup storage available only to systems on the local subnet, as all the systems in the example network are inside that local subnet.

Our new example server’s hostname is webserver-02. Webserver-02 hosts 100 client websites and they use both MySQL and Postgresql.

Get the GetBack software

You can get the getback software from

This will give you the option to get a zip of the project or clone the master branch.

Putting the Software on Your Server

once the zip file is on your local network, whenever you need to add a nerw server to the GetBack System, use a basic scp command to get it there. Cd to the directory containing the zip file:

scp root@

Note: We always use the private IP address for our local servers rather than their FQDN, as some servers have no public-facing interface. is an example IP for our example server.

You may have a lot of servers to wire in so it makes more sense to house the file on a local machine.