rmv – Safe Linux Command-Line Removes

rmv is a small bash command meant to address a concern among new users that in Linux they can lose files accidentally by using the rm command at the wrong time.

rmv is an alternate to the rm command that removes the file to a special folder in the user’s profile called “Trash2.”

This script was started at a Linux Freedom Fest hosted on 2/19/2011 by Ale.org and sourcefreedom.com at the Atlanta campus of ITT Technical Institute.  The collaborators were the students of ITT and community members in attendance.

The name of the command came from Aaron Ruscetta and the initial coding was typed by Wolf Halton.  Contact, wolf@sourcefreedom.com

To use this command, it must be somewhere in all users’ PATH, so place it in /usr/local/bin:

# cp rmv /usr/local/bin

I am working on getting it to upload to launchpad.net, but until then, the tar.gzipped copy is at this site