Repeating Header Rows in OpenOffice Calc

There are times when one might wish to repeat the top row or a few rows when printing out a spreadsheet in Calc. This is a printing function, and you get to it by editing the print range.  In the Format menu, click on “Print Ranges” and then on “Edit…”

Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit...This opens a dialog where you can specifically set the ranges that get printed, starting with repeated rows.  The button on the far right of the dialog next to that form field lets you specifically click on the row or rows that you want to have repeat at the top of every page.Edit print range dialogWhat shows up in the box if you choose the first row is “$1.”  This is the first row, so that makes sense.  If you had chosen the first 2 rows, the content would be “$1:$2.”

Here is the evidence from an output file from a password generating script I am writing.

Automated repeating rowsAutomated repeating files, last page