Say Goodbye to Viruses Forever

Intro to Linux Desktop

Get Familiar with Linux in 4 Hours or Fewer
Why you may choose Linux

  • Are You Ready to live in a World Without Viruses, Trojans and Worms?
  • Are You Ready for a World Without Restrictive Software Licenses?
  • Are you ready for a World where Your Computer Just Works?

Then you are ready for Ubuntu Linux

  • More Applications Available for Free
  • More Free Time – No more wasted time searching around the Internet for updates of your favorite applications. – No more time wasted while the hard drive is defragmented. – No more time wasted as your anti-virus hogs all the resources.
  • More Free Money – Why waste your money on paid software when you can have access to over 25,000 Distribution-certified Applications available for free. 50,000 or more Community-maintained free open-source software.
  • More Fun – People just like you are important in the Open-Source World! Be a part of a movement that is making even the largest software and hardware companies take notice.

I was skeptical when I first heard of Linux about ten years ago.
“There has got to be a catch,” I thought,
but I took the plunge and started using Linux full-time in 2003.
I always wished I had somebody to give me the first steps. I learned by talking with a series of mentors and friends, and I must admit there were times when I wished I had somebody to show me the bare minimum basics that a person needs to make the switch.

I am offering to be that mentor for you. I am a full-time instructor at a local Atlanta College, teaching college-level Linux courses. I have been a member of the Alpha-tester community for Ubuntu since their first distribution in 2004 and I have seen and solved more problems than any average desktop user is likely to see in 20 years. If you live in the Atlanta Area, have a computer you can install Linux on, and have one Saturday afternoon to devote to the SourceFreedom Linux Intro Course, then email me at for more information and the next starting date. Class size is limited to 10. The sooner you contact me, the quicker you can kiss viruses, trojans horses and wasted time goodbye.

Price For the Class:
For SourceFreedom Members
$157.99 – Intro to Linux Class
For Non-Members