Sending a Picture on an IPhone 5c

Let’s say you took a cool picture and want to send it to a friend. This is a sloth from “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver.sap0

Click on your “Photos” icon. sap1 Choose the image from your Camera Roll. sap2 Click on the Picture you want to send. sap3 Click on the “send” icon that looks like a rectangle with an arrow growing out of it, on the lower left corner of the screen. sap4 This opens the sending area, where you can check just the image you already picked… sap5 … or you can pick several – Note: you probably shouldn’t send more than 4 or 5 at a time. 


When you click on the mail icon, it offers you a chance to resize the image you are sending. sap7 That’s it! Have Fun!! By the way, if you want to take a picture of your screen, hold the power button down on the top edge, and push the select button in the lower margin. The screen will fade for a second, and you have a picture of your screen in the camera roll.  That is how all these pictures were taken.